Smith Protective Surfaces is a small business that specializes in refinishing firearms.  We are centrally located on the North Side of Houston, TX near I-45 at the 6-10 north loop.  Services include nickel plating, gold plating, bluing and parkerizing.  The pictures on this website are of firearms we have worked on over the last few years. Other services include stainless steel polishing buffing to a mirror finish,  and wood stock refinishing. 

Smith Protective Surfaces refinishes a wide variety of firearms that include modern, military, black powder, and antique firearms.

We can make any gun look better.  If you bought a bluing kit at the gun show and you are not happy with the results, send your gun to us and we can fix it for you.
If you bought a nickel plating kit off the internet and tried it on your gun, now you don't want to take it out and show your friends, send it to us, we can fix it for you and make it look like you want it to and be proud of it.
Tell us how you want your gun to look.

(Closed during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week)

We are a Federal firearms licensed dealer.

Discounts for FFL holders and Law Enforcement (current or retired).

Se habla español.