Price List for July 2013
Teflon/Moly coat or DuraCoat

Hand Guns$200.00

Long Guns$225.00

Double Barrels  $250.00

Additional Services/Charges

All steel parts can be parkerized before Teflon/Moly coated or Cerakoted for maximum protection.

Aluminum parts will be Teflon/Moly coated over clean aluminum unless specified by customer.    (+$100 per gun)

In the case of aluminum frames, aluminum parts can be anodized & then Teflon/Moly coated or Cerakoted over anodizing for $45.00 extra charge.

Stainless steel parts will be cleaned, blasted, Teflon/Moly coated or Cerakoted.

All parts will be baked in oven & cured.

Plastic parts can be Cerakoted.

Colors:1. Matte Black
  2.Stainless Steel Gray

Two coats of Teflon/Moly is standard.

One coat of Cerakote is standard.

In a standard salt spray test, where parts coated in Teflon/Moly or Cerakote were subjected to a continuous salt spray, parts held up without corroding for a period of:

650 Hours without Parkerizing
1000 Hours with Parkerizing

Teflon/Moly is scratch resistant.

Cerakote is also scratch resistant.